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Elevate Your Speech Therapy Treatments with Modalities
Join us to learn about how to treat dysphagia by best incorporating modalities into practice, protocols and their effectiveness, and facility benefits. Hospitalization rates for aspiration pneumonia have increased by 93.8% over the past decade. Speech language pathologists (SLP) are an integral part of reducing hospitalization rates for pneumonia and respiratory infection, ensuring patients are taking in proper nutrition and hydration, and play an important role in the recovery from COVID-19. The use of NMES in conjunction with sEMG provides a patient centered treatment with biofeedback opportunities. These modalities provide an objective approach to the treatment of dysphagia, driven by the SLP, and tailored to a patient’s pathology and clinical need. Attendees will learn about the benefits of modalities for faster recovery, opportunities to advance their skill, and additional resources available to expand your speech therapy offering.
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Dr. David T Hutchings, SLP
Licensed Speech Language Pathologist
Dr. Hutchings is a licensed speech language pathologist who specializes in dysphagia and dementia. He completed his doctorate from Nova Southeastern Medical University with a specialization in geriatric neuropathology. Hutchings is a nationwide speaker with several published clinical publications and peer reviewed journals. Utilizing his expertise in dementia, he works closely with the Alzheimer’s Association providing clinical education and guidance.